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To specify in accordance with clauses of the form: the names of authors with initials (at the beginning of the surname, then initials, for example, Ivanov I. I.; without specifying the academic degrees - in English), City and state, Title of work (in English), the Institution in which the works of each author (if multiple institutions, you simply list them separated by commas, to indicate the affiliation of each author with stars or numbers is not necessary), Contact information (phone and email of at least one of the authors to contact the organising Committee on the publication of theses)
The file name must contain the last name of one of the authors and the type of participation.When submitting abstracts, the type of application must be selected (oral report, poster session). If you have 2 applications with the same name (oral report and poster) - make a separate submission for each of the applications.
To submit an abstract in the collection of Congress materials: in the "abstract Text" field of The form, insert the full text of the abstracts. The volume of abstract text is up to 4 thousand characters (characters and spaces), which is approximately equal to 1-1. 5 pages of A4 text (the number of characters remaining up to the maximum limit is displayed under this field in real time!). Tables, formulas, and graphic drawings are not accepted for publication in the collection of Congress materials. You do not need to repeat the name of the work, authors, institution, the text. Line spacing is one and a half, times New Roman font 14.
When submitting an application for a poster report, you must fill out all fields of the form in the same way as when submitting other applications. After reviewing, the posters accepted by the organizing Committee will be included in the program of the Congress as poster reports, and abstracts will be placed in the materials of the Congress. By the beginning of the poster session at the Congress, the authors whose posters are included in the program of the Congress place a printed (paper) poster in the format 90*120 in specially designated places by the organizing Committee.
In the "Category" Field of the form for abstracts and posters, you should specify the most appropriate thematic category from the proposed list.
Abstracts should be structured into sections: research goal, material and methods, results and their discussion, and conclusions.
 Abstracts should NOT include a list of used literature.   - Please send your abstracts to this email address.


This is the application form