The city of “Puebla de los Angeles” in Mexico, as all human advancements, seen significant occasions. This is the way the absolute most popular legends dating from its establishment in the Spanish provincial occasions took ubiquity. Some are about apparitions, others about ate up individuals by distorted beasts, different characters that acquired significance as a result of their exhibition through the historical backdrop of the city. Weird stories that were advisedstarting with one age then onto the next.

One such legend says that in the antiquated roads of Analco, an area situated in the midtown, around the hour of the state was seen meandering in the shadow of a man late around evening time, in a dim rear entryway, known as Yllescas. What occurred there one night will give us a thought of why a lost soul meandered energetically… past 1875, Doña Juliana Dominguez, spouse of Don Anastacio Priego, proprietors of the Priego’s Inn, started with the work and needed to pass by Doña Simonita, the birthing specialist to help the appearance of the new relative. Visit :- เรื่องราวแปลกๆ ในโลก

It was a stormy evening, yet Don Anastasio without intuition, gotten his jacket and cap, providing requests to set up the essential easement for the birth, left alone, in spite of the proposal of his collaborators with him, realizing that the morning was appropriate for assaults, thus headed Analco area.

He strolled through the haziness of the roads, with an oil light, when out of nowhere, in a rear entryway before him stood a man who promptly attracted his sword and put his mid-region and requested gold, compromising, or would transform him. Wear Anastasio, talented fighter reacted promptly, hopping and drawing simultaneously, with the goal that when the burglar saw, had just sunk his sword into his chest and fell dead right away.

In the surge, Don Anastasio rushed to where he lived Doña Simonita and inside the space of minutes went out to meet Doña Juliana, taking another course to dodge passing by where he had the quarrel.

Presently, they got wonderful twins. Toward the finish of work, Don Anastasio took back to maternity specialist back to her home and, passing by where somebody attempted to assault him, they saw a horde of spectators encompassing the body and appealed to God for the spirit of that miserable.

From that day, individuals began calling the old Yllescas Alley situated at South twelfth Street, between the roads of the 3 and 5 East, “The Alley of the Dead “due to the occasion raised there too that whoever late evening passing around, saw the attacker dead lamenting, why, a neighborhood occupant shipped off masses for the rest of her spirit.

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