1. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS (- 3.5) VS. Arizona Cardinals: The Cardinals are an alternate group with Kurt Warner at QB and they have a conceivably unstable offense that can set up focuses in packs. Obviously the key is to keep Warner upstanding which has been to some degree a test this season yet he is all set for this one. The Buc’s are falling off an unsettling misfortune at home against the Jaguars and will be hoping to right the boat before the season starts to winding wild. To lose to a reinforcement QB like Quinn Gray could lastingly affect their minds be that as it may and they may play tight so as not to commit the errors they did a week ago which obliterated their odds. The Buc’s essentially can’t score enough to legitimize offering 3.5 to anybody. Toss in the reality the better-than-normal Cardinal offense is getting a head start makes them that a very remarkable better play. The Pick: Arizona Cardinals (- 3.5) Visit :- ยูฟ่าเบท 877

2. ATLANTA FALCONS (- 3.5) VS. San Francisco 49ers: In a skirmish of two horrible hostile groups, the additional half point slants this one during the 49ers’ favorable position. San Francisco qualifies in a positive 81-54-1 ATS game situation that plays in groups that have been particularly terrible on offense as of late. Fundamentally the conviction is that the ‘Niners have wound up in a real predicament on offense and that they will actually want to refocus against a helpless Falcons safeguard. The 49ers have a major favorable position in the run game with Frank Gore and the passing assault ought to make itself go with QB Alex Smith getting more agreeable in the wake of returning from injury. The ATS pattern and the player staff both kindness the 49ers and it wouldn’t be an astonishment on the off chance that they even won here. THE PICK: 49ers (+3.5) 

3. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (- 3.5) VS. Jacksonville Jaguars: ********THIS GAME IS ONE OF OUR BEST BETS FOR THE WEEK. 


5. Cincinnati Bengals (- .5) VS. Bison BILLS: WE HAVE A STRONG OPINION ON THIS GAME. 

6. Washington Redskins (- 3.5) VS. NEW YORK JETS: The Jets will go to Kellen Clemens this week with expectations of starting the group. That absolutely could get the job done for the Jets here however it likewise could go the alternate path as this would flag that the white banner has been raised and that the group is playing for one year from now. A significant frustration could then be within reach and things could get terrible against an actually spurred, hard-hitting Redskins crew. Doubtlessly the ‘Skins returned to the planning phase after a week ago’s shame against the Patriots however the truth is that this group actually can’t score. The Jets could experience difficulty scoring likewise as star WR Laverneaous Coles is probably going to miss this game with a blackout. Whichever way this game has too many question marks to contact. THE PICK: PASS 

7. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (- 2.5) VS. Green Bay Packers: The Packers are in a terrible spot here as they are falling off a brief week in the wake of playing a depleting game in Denver on MNF. Green Bay dominated that match in OT and now they need to go out and about again to take on the Chiefs in Arrowhead. Kansas City has played far superior to anybody might have expected as they have won three of every a line and are a solid factor in the AFC West race. The Packers have gone just 1-7 in their last eight in Kansas City and they ought to experience difficulty getting up briefly straight street game in a threatening climate. THE PICK: Kansas City Chiefs (- 2) 

8. San Diego Chargers (- 7.5) VS. Minnesota Vikings: WE HAVE A STRONG OPINION ON THIS GAME. 

9. DETROIT LIONS (- 3.5) VS. Denver Broncos: The Lions are really in the season finisher chase this season and their solitary concern in the powerless NFC North right presently are the Packers. The Lions are new off a street prevail upon the Bears where the guard ventured up and caught QB Brian Griese multiple times. The Broncos then again fall off a horrendous misfortune at home on MNF against the Packers in a game they ought to have won. Dreadful clock the board and play calling by mentor Mike Shannahan destroyed them thus they presently should attempt to save their season out and about. The Broncos coordinate well with the Lions in that their extraordinary auxiliary drove by Pro Bowl CB Champ Bailey should restrict the viability o the Detroit passing assault. This game will be won by running the football which the two groups do rather equally. There are situations that favor the two sides in this game and there is far and away too vulnerability to make this an advantageous pick. THE PICK: PASS

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